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Updated March 9th, 2018

In this rapidly changing space, no list can ever be complete, but this is a solid starting point of recommended sites with good Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and general cryptocurrency information and resources. Links that are in bold are our best recommendations.

ICO & Crypto News

The leading general cryptocurrency news source that analyzes trends, price movements, technology, companies and people.

Original reporting that has proven to be exceptional in breaking news and advancing key stories in crypto.

News aggregater in the style of a Bloomberg terminal. The noise level can be a bit high, but if you want to see what news is currently breaking, this is the place to go.

Bitcoin Magazine
Founded in 2012 by Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Butern, creator of the Ethereum blockchain, this is a good news and information source on Bitcoin, blockchain and the digital currency industry in general.

Coin Telegraph
This independent publication covers cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen web. Founded in 2013.

News BTC
Also founded in 2013, this new source is specific to Bitcoin. Read articles, interviews and other news bits to help you understand the space better.

ICO 101 – Term, Definitions, the Basics

Coin Academy
Get an introduction to digital currencies on this educational site that provides free resources (requires you to register).

Coindesk: A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain Technology
Like the title suggests, learn about blockchain and the cryptocurrencies built on them.

Coin Telegraph: ICO, Explained by Andrew Marshall
This FAQ-style article answers common questions about ICOs such as what an ICO is and how they’re different from initial public offerings (IPOs).

One of the top financial information sources on the web, and run by a team of data scientists and financial experts, you’ll find comprehensive explanations of cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

The Guardian: Initial Coin Offerings: Cryptocurrency’s Next High-Risk Big Money Maker
A high-level explanation of ICOs and how they work.

Smith + Crown
Find a short list of the most important cryptocurrency and ICO terms, along with detailed summaries about specific ICOs.

Udemy: Introduction to Initial Coin Offering (ICO) aka Crowdsale
Take an online course on the basics of ICOs (not free). Toshendra Sharma, security and blockchain entrepreneur, instructs this informative course.

Video: What is a Token Sale or ICO
If you absorb visual information more easily (cryptocurrencies are complex), this is introduction to ICOs a great place to start.

Coin Catalyst: Getting Up-To-Speed on Cryptocurrency: What are Tokens, App Coins, and ICOs?
We explain the basics of the foundational elements of ICOs.

Upcoming ICO lists

Follow important dates, such as ICO launches and conferences, on this site which focuses on quality cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Cyber Fund
If you’re concerned about the integrity of a project, this is a good place to check. Watch for Not Verified and Non-Compliant flags.

Github’s Ultimate ICO Calendar
Unlike other sites, this ICO calendar is crowdsourced. Find upcoming and current ICOs.

ICO Alert
View a comprehensive list of active and upcoming ICOs. They also publish short reports about ICOs.

ICO Countdown
While this site’s a little clunky (you have to scroll through big icons, whereas most sites have easily viewable lists), this site conducts due diligence to filter out unviable projects and has handy warnings right at the top.

ICO List
Quick list of the latest ICOs.

ICO Timeline
This paid service accepts ICO, altcoin and Bitcoin business listings.

ICO Tracker
If you want more details about ICOs, this site (still in prototype phase) is a curated list of them with a five-criteria rating. Get links to the ICOs whitepaper, roadmap, team, escrow and conditions information.

Smith + Crown
Sorted by current and ongoing ICOs, this curated list features detailed summaries of ICOs (not all of them).

Token Market
Get an email notification 24 hours before an ICO opens, closes or when assets become tradeable.

Cryptocurrency Pricing

Most used pricing information on token and cryptocurrencies.

Know for their Year 2050 Marketcap number and always adding new data, OnChainFX tends to only cover the top 60 cryptoassets. They have good sorting features, and if you want to specifically track certain coins/tokens, you can flag them and create a unique permalink that features those without having to create an account.

Coinbase’s GDAX
View the Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin markets.

Smith + Crown Index
Like the S&P 500, this index looks at the most important cryptocurrencies and compares them to other market performance.

See what cryptocurrencies are trading at.

World Coin Index
Connected to more than 35 cryptocurrency exchanges, this site provides a comprehensive list of over 400 cryptocurrencies. Prices are denoted in Bitcoin (BTC) and in 13 fiat currencies: USD, EUR, CNY, GBP, RUB, CAD, JPY, HKD, BRL, IDR, AUD, KRW and INR.

ICO Review sites

Reviews and comments on cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges and gambling sites.

Smith + Crown
Scroll through the index and you’ll find links to summaries for ongoing and upcoming ICOs. Research includes pros and cons about the project.


Token Economy
Weekly newsletter from Stefan Bernardi and Yannick Roux is a must read. Covers the week’s development in a highly informed manner.

Inside Bitcoin
Generally twice a week mailings that cover top headlines in the space. Like most newsletters in Jason Calaconis’ Inside stable, this one allows for quick skimming with a journalist providing a good distillation of the story.

Bitcoin Magazine
Subscribe to one or all of three options:

  • Bitcoin Magazine Weekly Digest (Tuesdays)
  • The Distributed Ledger Blockchain News (Thursdays)
  • New Bitcoin Publications (quarterly)

Blockchain Weekly
Get blockchain news and ICOs.

Subscribe to one of four options:

  • CoinDesk Weekly, a curated list of trends (Fridays)
  • Daily News, a daily feed of all CoinDesk’s stories
  • CoinDesk Research
  • CoinDesk Events

Crypto Insider
Dig deeper with long-form pieces about cryptocurrency. Aside from North America and Europe, they’re also working to bring news about emerging markets and projects from the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Online Communities
A worldwide community dedicated specifically to Bitcoin.

Where it all started. This forum is a popular place for cryptocurrency companies to begin engaging. You’ll find discussion on all things Bitcoin and altcoins, as well as geo-specific threads and specialist threads about mining and markets.

Cryptocopia on Heroku
Popular cryptocurrency community created on the Heroku app.

Ethereum on Gitter
Learn more about everything surrounding the Ethereum blockchain.

Top Reddit subreddits


Notable Slack chatrooms


Active and informative space to learn more about the Waves blockchain-powered application platform.

Discuss cryptocurrencies and personal finance.


Reddit style, but Steemit is the new blockchain/cryptocurrency social media platform containing mostly cryptocurrency content.

Notable Telegram communities

Large cryptocurrency community.

Crypto Communities
Find a regularly updated list of cryptocurrency communities on Telegram.

ICO Countdown
List of Crowdsales


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